24 Sep

Writing a Historical Novel Forty years ago, I had a dream in which Blanche Ames told me to write her story. I’d read about Blanche while I was working on a team to write a massive women’s history reference book, … Read More »


13 Sep

Lust: At what Point Does Lust Become Adultery? Jimmy Carter said, “I’ve looked on a lot of women with lust. I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times.” Do you believe that if you’re married and you feel lust for … Read More »

Absurdity in Gilbert & Sullivan

2 Aug

I fell in love with the comic operas of Gilbert & Sullivan while I was creating one of the narrators for my novel Eleanor’s Wars—Nat is a musical young adult who adores H.M.S. Pinafore and Pirates of Penzance. He may … Read More »

What is your book about?

8 Jan

I hate that question! It’s a great question but it’s impossible to answer. Are you asking for a plot summary or a dissertation about the meaning of the book? If I could answer the question in one sentence or one … Read More »

An Unexpected Lift

30 Oct

After spending four months working with a wonderful copyeditor from Beaver’s Pond Press, going over the manuscript chapter by chapter, word by word, punctuation mark by punctuation mark, she sent it on to the proofreader. A week later, the proofreader … Read More »

Blurbs for Independently Published Books

20 Oct

Here’s another thing that authors published in New York probably don’t have to worry about: finding their own reviewers and others to write glowing blurbs for the back cover of their book. This is a problem because I don’t personally … Read More »

Copyright Conundrums

12 Oct

One of the challenges with independent publishing is figuring out for myself what’s in the public domain and what’s not as well as how the concept of fair use applies when it comes to the poems and songs I wish … Read More »

This is a Work of Fiction

24 Sep

They all say that, but to what extent is it really true? Over the years I’ve worried about whether some aspect of a character I have created will strike one of my many relatives as a thinly disguised portrait of … Read More »