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ELEANOR’S WARS (Beaver’s Pond Press, November 2015)

It’s 1942 and the globe is aflame. Eleanor Sutton, matriarch of a prosperous New Jersey family, struggles to fight the war on the home front. But then long-buried memories rooted in Eleanor’s service in the Great War come to light. These decades-old secrets threaten her marriage to her husband George–and bring his own  carefully guarded secrets to the surface.

As the relative peace of the Sutton household is upended, son Edward leaves for the front lines. Younger brother  Nat, an aspiring musician, must wrestle with shocking revelations while trying to find his way at boarding school. Setting her own future aside to oversee the family Victory farm, daughter Harriet faces the secrets that challenge all her assumptions about family and love.

Set against the historical backdrop of World War II, Eleanor’s Wars chronicles the personal battles of one heroic woman in a rapidly changing world. It explores a timeless, universal subject: the insidious power of family secrets to mold and destroy lives and to alter individual destinies.

“Few people know that women served as ambulance drivers on the incredibly bloody battlefields of World War I. With Eleanor, we glimpse the searing impact of that experience as she lives through World War II with her distant husband and three children. …A gripping read…Through the eyes of a woman and an adolescent boy, in a time and place now fading from living memory, readers experience the realities of war, both battlefield and home front, from a fresh angle.” 
Sara M. Evans,
Born for Liberty: A History of Women in America

“Ames Sheldon’s remarkably assured debut novel Eleanor’s Wars takes place in 1940s New Jersey and provides the reader with a fascinating view of the Second World War from the home front stage…The novel is a steadily-deepening web of secrets and revelations, something that kept me reading intently right to the last page.” Teresa Devine, Historical Novel Society

“Sheldon gets it right. Based on extensive research, war times in 20th century American come into focus…She reminds us that yesterday’s fears live only slightly mitigated today–bullying, gay, and feminist concerns…Eleanor’s dilemmas are ours to ponder in today’s context.”
Ruth F. Quattlebaum, archivist emerita Phillips Academy Andover

Eleanor’s Wars is rich with the feel of America during WWII and the existence of PTSD in a generation that buried its trauma.”
Cynthia Kraack, The High Cost of Flowers, 2015 Midwest Book Award winner for Literary Fiction

“A warm and intimate portrait of an American family twisted and shaped by the two world wars. Highly recommended, a pleasure to read.”
Mary Logue, Lake of Tears

Ames Sheldon has written a novel about family and war and lies and forgiveness. In other words, she hits all the bases in reaching home – the place where you live.”
Faith Sullivan, author of seven novels, including The Cape Ann and Good Night Mr. Wodehouse.

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DON’T PUT THE BOATS AWAY (to be published by She Writes Press in August 2019)

In the aftermath of World War II, the members of the Sutton family are reeling from the death of their “golden boy” Eddie. Over the next twenty-five years they all deal with loss, grief, and mourning. Daughter Harriet and son Nat attempt to fill the void Eddie left behind. Harriet becomes a chemist despite an inhospitable culture for career women in the 1940s and ’50s, hoping to move into the family business. Nat, an aspiring jazz musician, wants to serve as an entertainer. Both struggle with their autocratic father George over their professional ambitions. Their mother Eleanor, who has PTSD as a result of driving an ambulance during the Great War, wrestles with guilt because she hadn’t told Eddie about the horrors of war before he enlisted. While the members of the family attempt to rebuild their lives, they  pay high prices for denying their grief. In the end, while they do not overcome their grief, they all make peace with their losses, each in his or her own way.



The Next Rung 72dpi
Ames Family Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts

LEMONS IN THE GARDEN OF LOVE (in the process of being revised)

Semi-Finalist for the 2015 Eludia Award

What consequences do women experience for getting pregnant by accident when they don’t choose to terminate the pregnancy? What prices do women pay when they have an abortion?

In 1977 Cassie, a graduate student in women’s history, discovers a trove of material concerning her great-great aunt Kate, a suffrage cartoonist who founded Planned Parenthood in Massachusetts in 1916. The narrative alternates between Cassie’s perspective during the shotgun wedding weekend of her pregnant sister, and Kate’s story, which is conveyed through diaries and letters. As Cassie tries to decipher Kate’s personal history from the documents she left behind, Cassie guesses that Kate must have had a botched abortion in Paris as a young woman. Then Cassie realizes she is pregnant by her husband but she’s on the verge of leaving him.


history sources 72dpi


(New York: R.R. Bowker, 1979).

This 1,100-page reference book consists of descriptions of collections of primary source materials pertaining to women; many contain histories of the persons and organizations around which the materials were collected.



EMPLOYMENT AFTER SPINAL CORD INJURY: A HANDBOOK FOR COUNSELORS  (Minneapolis: U of MN Medical Rehabilitation Research and Training Center, 1978). Vocational biographies of 79 spinal-cord-injured persons and information about their job modifications.