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Questions for Book Clubs Discussing Eleanor's Wars

What did you know about the role of women in World War I before reading Eleanor’s Wars?

What are the major themes of Eleanor’s Wars?

Eleanor’s Wars is built around a number of secrets. What role do secrets play in the novel? Were you surprised by the secrets when they were revealed or had you figured them out?

Which “voice” did you prefer: Eleanor’s or Nat’s? If you could meet either of the two characters, which one would you choose? Why?

Why did Eleanor keep her experiences in the Great War a secret?

Did you find it credible that Eleanor could still be in love with Henri 25 years after his death?

Can you be in love with more than one person at a time?

What did you like most about Eleanor’s Wars?

Why do modern readers enjoy novels about the past? How can a historical novel be a history lesson in itself?

Is there a case to be made that Eleanor’s Wars is not about the 1940s so much as it uses the comfortable distance of that time and place in order to ask questions about war, bullying, homophobia, etc.? Aren’t all novels historical?

Why are there so many books out about World War II these days?

What do you imagine happens after the end of the novel to Eleanor? George? Nat? Harry?

Is there a moral to Eleanor’s Wars? What can we learn about our world – and ourselves – from Eleanor’s story?